Peptide modifications.

United Peptide provides a wide range of peptide modification services including but not limited to the followings:

MAPS and Carrier Complex
  • Asymmetric 2 Branches (Pure)
  • Asymmetric 4 Branches (Crude)
  • Asym metric 8 Branches (Crude)
  • Glu 2 Branches (Pure)
  • n-mer Branch peptide on Lys side chain (Pure)
  • KLH-Peptide
  • BSA-Peptide
  • OVA-Peptide

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We Guarantee

We guarantee the quality of each and every peptide produced. All purified peptides will be delivered with the MS/HPLC reports.

Our Capabilities

- Length: 2 to 200mer
- Success Rate: > 99%
- Purity: from Crude to 98%
- Scale: from 1mg to 5,000mg