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About Us

Peptide 2.0 Inc. the second generation for peptide synthesis.

Peptide 2.0 team strives to provide timely delivery of peptides for research use with best value. With the state-of-the-art facility and an experienced and professional management team, Peptide 2.0 is able to provide custom peptide service to our customers at unprecedented price of $2.00 per amino acid (HPLC/MS not included).

Peptide Analysis and Characterization. To ensure the high quality, every peptide that our customer received is provided with data analysis report including MS and HPLC data. For your convenience, you can download the data online for record keeping and for real time tracking of the progress on your projects.

On-line and real time tracking system. With PEPTIDE 2.0 novel online tracking system, our customers have the advantage to track the status of their peptides in real-time! The delivery of your peptides will be forecasted from your desktop weeks ahead, and difficulties encountered with some hydrophobic peptides will be communicated to you in time.

Communication, service and value. We believe that the unprecedented tracking system will greatly facilitate the communications between customers and the scientists. This communication and trust is the key to success of fulfilling your research needs.

CALL 1-800-301-6268
FAX: 1-703-637-9863

Why Peptide2.0:
High Quality with Unbeatable Low Price --- From $2.00 per amino acid residue (aa)
Real-time tracking your order status
Two to Three weeks delivery time for most peptides.
Try our risk-free service now! You won't be charged unless you receive your peptides.

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